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JELO and Hatiras – Donkey Punch (ZEE Bootleg Remix)

Sep.21, 2013

donkey punch zee remix


Zuha by Zebbler Encanti Experience

Sep.15, 2013


SW Complete Ableton Live 9 Video Tutorial

Aug.01, 2013


See a preview video and order the full tutorial.

In this 4 hour tutorial video, we cover all the groundwork functionality in Ableton Live to help you understand the tools and concepts of working in the program.

We lay down some beats, edit audio, play some instruments, create effects chains, create performance templates, and produce some music while explaining how it all works.

Encanti in Boston Weekly Dig

Jun.04, 2013

Full Article Here

Excerpt, Farewell message by Encanti:

I have great news for everybody that’s investing in Electronic Dance Music: The EDM economic bubble is a hoax!

The main point that most music industry fortune-tellers seem to miss is that EDM is not just a generational musical preference, but the direct bi-product of technology innovation, and the new ways that we are capable of communicating.

Electronic means of making music will thrive as long as electricity powers our circuitry, and EDM will go on as long we we love to dance.

The events are only going to get better, the tastes will get more diverse, and the opportunities to participate will become more plentiful.

And since the “sound” of EDM is purely based on the capabilities and availability of technology, the tracks are only going to get better, more inventive, more inclusive of all new directions.

Encanti Summer Performances 2013

May.30, 2013


New Track // Free Download:

Temple (feat. Jason Hann) music video by Zebbler Encanti Experience

Jan.23, 2013

Temple (featuring Jason Hann) – music video by Zebbler Encanti Experience

***ZEE opening for EOTO @ House of Blues in Boston on 1/31/2012. Tickets here

Psychic Projections

Dec.21, 2012


released December 12, 2012 on Gravitas Recordings.

Download: Zebbler Encanti Experience – Psychic Projections

1. Psychic Projections (feat. Dante Bucci)
2. Quetzalcoatl
3. Totem
4. Temple (feat. Jason Hann)
5. Data Mind
6. Prophetic Interlude (feat. Hannah Thiem)
7. Exploding Glowstick
8. Quetzalcoatl (Willy Whompa Remix)
10. Quetzalcoatl (Woulg Remix)
11. Profit
12. Profit (Ishe Remix)

released 21 December 2012
ZEE is an A/V experience, visuals by Zebbler.
All Tracks Produced and Mastered by Encanti at Vermin Street Studios in Boston, MA.
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 co-produced by Joel Friedman.
“Data Mind” lyrics by Zebbler, “Profit” lyrics by Encanti.

MUTANT R3VOLUTION Cakewalk Z3ta+2 Preset Library by Encanti

Nov.16, 2012

Cakewalk Mutant R3VOLUTION: Expansion Pack for Z3TA+ 2 (Download)

Cakewalk Mutant R3VOLUTION is a suite of 200 all new sounds for Z3TA+ 2 that equips modern music producers with a sound-designer’s suite of ingredients for making techno, dubstep, trap, moombahton, electro, drum n bass, and every subgenre in between. This library is stocked with mind-bending leads, pro synthesis sound FX, and an enormous spotlight collection of growling, lazer-shooting, earth-shattering brand new mutant bass patches. Each preset was designed exclusively for Cakewalk by EDM producer Encanti (Ben Cantil) as the final installment of the Z3TA+ 2 Mutant Trilogy.

(Find out more and download product at CAKEWALK)



ZEE – Hajnal (Bootleg Remix of Venetian Snares, feat. Hannah Thiem)

Oct.15, 2012

Defcon 2012 Video Recap

Sep.15, 2012

Defcon 2012 – Zebbler deco / ZEE / The Crystal Method / Infected Mushroom

Audio: Data Mind by Zebbler Encanti Experience
available for free/pay-what-you-want download here: