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Zebbler Encanti Experience at Uphoria Festival

Zebbler Encanti Experience is kicking off festival season with a headliner performance at Uphoria Festival this weekend in Millerton, NY.

// Festival Main Page // Facebook Event Page // Dig Boston Fest Preview

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Encanti at Together Festival reviews and pictures

Kadley Gosselin with the blog Sensible Reason posted a fantastic review of my show with Casey Desmond, Psylab, and Synnack at Synaesthesia, an A/V showcase for New England’s Together Festival 2012:

Encanti creates some of the most unique, grimiest, tempo-defying dubstep I have ever heard and, regardless of how niche it is, people let their bodies go and put Encanti in control, contorting and moving in ways they probably didn’t realize they could. Encanti took a little trip through his catalog of craftily-produced music that featured tracks like “Trickster Equalizer,” “Motion Sickness Remix” and new tracks I had never heard. After seeing a number of his performances, one thing I can count on is no two Encanti shows are the same. READ FULL ARTICLE

Boston’s Weekly Dig also said some nice words and took some great photos: Check it out.

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Hometown Headlines

The Peninsula Clarion, my hometown newspaper, just printed a story about my musical adventures in their Sunday edition:

Read full article “Chasing Sounds” by Brian Smith

If you are an Alaskan that’s stumbled upon me after reading this article, greetings! You can click around the “discography” and “videos” tabs to discover plenty of music and eye candy to enjoy.

I love my home and community in Alaska and I always will! <3 -Encanti

**UPDATE** The Associated Press picked up this article and it has been re-printed across North America:

Fairbanks Daily News Miner Fairbanks, AK

Victoria Advocate Victoria, BC

The Republic Columbus, IN

WXPI Pittsburgh, PA

Berklee College of Music Alumni News Boston, MA

Press of Atlantic City Atlantic City, NJ

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EOTO Lotus / ZEE at House of Blues Boston in the news

A day before the big unveiling of EOTO’s Lotus Flower projection surface at House of Blues Boston, Melinda Green from Together Boston called me and Zebbler to talk about what to expect. Read full article here.

In anticipation of the event, ZEE and fellow openers Dice Motion got picked as DJs of the week on DigBoston, so we made a collaborative mix: Hear it here.

Afterwards, String Cheese Radio wrote about the show and posted amazing pictures. Check it out.

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Beantown Boogiedown and The Get Downnn reviews “Conversations”

Although it’s admittedly a little “out there” the mix has a mesmerizing power, constantly changing the layers of bass while re-structuring itself completely.
-The Get Downnn (posted here)

His signature glitchy edits help the vocals syncopate gently around the rhythm, and the bassline has impact without being blatantly wobbly or, as critics abroad like to say, “American-sounding”.
-Beantown Boogiedown (posted here)

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Sub.Mission presents Encanti podcast and interview

Sub.mission Podcast 020 :: Encanti
Encanti – Profit VIP (unreleased)
Encanti – Otter vs Badger, feat Jason Hann (unreleased)
Techdiff – Infinite Corner, Encanti Remix (forthcoming Peace Off)
Yo Soy Sauce – Juke Box, Encanti Remix (forthcoming Plastic Sound Supply)
Zebbler Encanti Experience – The Final Sign, Dice Motion Remix (Vermin Street)
Encanti – Equalizer VIP2 (unreleased)
Encanti – Birdthump (Vermin Street)
Misk – Motion Sickness, Encanti Remix (out soon on Vermin Street)
Zebbler Encanti Experience – The Final Sign, Freddy Todd Remix (Vermin Street)
Vinyl Blight ft. Bongo Chili – Mission, Liquid Stranger Remix (forthcoming Vermin Street)
Mochipet – MoogyBounce (forthcoming Vermin Street)
RHCP – Give It Away, Psymbionic Remix (forthcoming psymbionicmusic.com )
The Kids Are Radioactive – Sahara, Dice Motion Remix VIP (unreleased)
The Hole Punch Generation – Conversations, Encanti Remix (forthcoming Vermin Street)
Encanti – Profit, Ishe Remix VIP (unreleased)

Interview with Encanti by Coleman
After Encanti’s performance at the Other Side last month, I had the chance to pick the producer/dj/vj extradonaire’s brain…( READ FULL ARTICLE )

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Weekly Dig: The Final Sign EP Release Party

Very kind words from Lauren Metter with Boston’s Weekly Dig, who reported on the scene at the Zebbler Encanti Experience release party for The Final Sign, hosted by The Brain Trust’s Wobble Wednesday at the Wonderbar:

“One word for the sound: BOOM …every drop is a pulled trigger of a loaded gun.”

(Full article here)
Download the album!

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Encanti in Vagabloggers review of Sonic Bloom

Josh sporting the official encanti diaper.
We spoke with Boston’s own encanti, whose ability to command the energy and attention of those was unreal. He told us: “I don’t really remember much it [his set]. I just get into the music and feel every note. I just pull it from within and it grows like a weed.” Funny… that same thing may be said for many of those in attendance at Sonic Bloom.

Read Full Article Here: http://www.vagabloggers.com/2011/07/sonic-bloom-2011-3-days-of.html

Also check out this video overview featuring my Beatles remix:

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Zebbler Interviews :: ZEE, EOTO, Shpongletron, and more

BrainChild Media had a chance to sit down with Zebbler and talk about the Spring tours, Zebbler Encanti Experience at Burning Man, The Glitch Loft, and the making of Zebblertron in this video interview:

In a separate interview, Zebbler talks about Zebbler Encanti Experience, working with EOTO, building the Shpongletron, working with Vermin Street, growing up in Belarus, in this in-depth interview with Sparkleberry Lane: Full Interview Here

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Neurokinetics reviewed by danceriotUS

Nice review here from danceriot

“Just found a new track by Boston based, Vermin Street Records artist, Encanti. Nuerokinetics drops heavily warped  dubstep wobble with a detroit techno sound I am familiar with from the early 2000′s. with a driving techno feel to the rhythms. The track HAS THREE fuc*in’ drops and is STRAIGHT nasty from the beginning. Download is AVAILABLE for free. Grab it while you still can. This guy is going places. I could see Encanti playing festivals next year.”

yes! doin our best  :)


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