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TechDiff – Infinite Corner (Encanti Remix) Released on Peace Off Records

Infinite Corner (Encanti Remix)” featured on The Black Dog Released by UK producer Techdiff / Dave Forrester, Dec 15, 2011 Digital Release on Peace Off Records.

Available for digital download purchase from Peace Off Records *
Also available through Amazon and Trackitdown

Dave came to Boston a while back and I found him to be an extraoridinary visionary producer and synthesist. When he played live at NO TOMORROW in Boston on Oct 2, 2010, it was one of the best electronic performances I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a fan of Peace Off Records since my breakcore days, so I was ecstatic when approached about making this remix. Please enjoy “Infinite Corner (Encanti Remix)”, our first sound clash, and consider purchasing the full album. -Encanti, 12/15/11

Techdiff – Infinite Corner (Encanti Remix) by Encanti

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